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Old Comments:

2010-03-10 08:44:13
Incredibly touching picture although I wonder what he was given to have it taken ??? Other oppinions on the situation of the nation are best left to other sites and forums me thinkest.
2009-10-06 12:22:16
Deckard, dude! "Completely out breed their niche"! "These people"?! Sorry, but you sound like a cold hearted bastard and a racist dude. They did just fine before westerners came to exploit them, indoctrinate them and steal their resources. So now, who is outbreeding? All the world goes there to sell them guns, steal their diamonds or whatever natural resource they have. I bet your comment came out of a sheltered, comfortable life you had.
2009-08-11 08:14:10
this picture makes me want to cry.... i see desperation in the subjects eyes.
2009-06-26 12:59:28
I think this is a beautiful picture, yet terribly sad, we can help people of Ethiopia. No one deserves to live like this
2009-05-19 14:03:33
Don't be so quick to disclude an idea. This person is miserable and this is very sad, but these people will always be starving and diseased. They completely out breed their niche. Natural systems apply compensating forces (disease, starvation, etc.) Nature is trying to bring things back into balance. Untill this balance is achieved the will suffer. We aren't helping them by sending them food, guns and bibles. Before missionaries they kept their numbers in check by forbiding marriage usually untill 35 as well as inhabiting areas with natural water (missionaries gave them wells). This produced a population explosion...
2008-08-04 23:47:26
oh gawd, philip, are you 12? Pixdaus has a lot of stupid ideas but most of them have the least bit of intelligence. and then there is crap like you. go away.
2008-08-04 09:38:38
Ugliness is from the inside and you are the most hideous of all.
2008-08-04 09:38:31
He's more of a coffee brown and next time you go to the doctor remember that I told you that you have what you have stated. C
2008-08-04 09:37:47
His eyes are that color from the pollution or sand. If you notice at the bottom lid you can see white. Also he is covered in clay from sand. Our eyes would look the same in sandy wind storms. The climate there is almost as fucked up as ours.
2008-08-04 09:36:30
He's more of a coffee brown and next time you go to the doctor remember that I told you that you have what you have stated. C
2008-08-04 09:35:17
Ugliness is from the inside and you are the most hideous of all.
2008-08-04 09:31:07
You are grotesque in every way. Your opinion matters as much as your personality.
2008-08-04 09:30:14
Ugliness is from the inside and you are the most hideous of all.
2008-07-04 10:23:04
damn this pic is strong
2008-03-29 06:41:18
He looks scared, hopeless and ill. :(( The sack he is wearing to keep himself warm makes this photo even more touching.
2008-03-29 05:08:31
Incredibly touching.
2008-03-26 00:35:59
My guess is hepatitis. Hepatitis causes damage to the liver. The liver, being the detoxifier of the body, is now unable to remove all the toxins from the bloodstream. These toxins build up in the skin and the sclera (white part of the eye), making them look yellow. Because this kid happens to be black, the skin doesn't look as yellow because it's masked by the melanin (dark pigment) in the epidermis.
2008-03-25 23:47:45
The yellow eyes -serious vitamin deficiency or severe malnutrition.
2008-03-21 07:34:24
I will remember his face. heartbreaking!
2008-03-20 19:40:31
This picture seems to me sadly brilliant because it is one of the glances that exist on our planet, and I think that is good to know. Sempre agreement with Schumi when he says: "A face you will never forget ...". A greeting to all. Do not forget to use the translator to google ... (Esta foto me parece tristemente brillante, porque es una de las miradas que existen en nuestro planeta, y creo que está bien saberlo. Estou de acuerdo con Schumi cuando dice: "A face you will never forget...". Un saludo a todos).
2008-03-20 12:50:38
That one's gonna be dead soon
2008-03-20 01:40:18
I second. Ugly fucker.
2008-03-19 23:43:13
A face you will never forget... Great photo!
2008-03-19 23:29:55
I feel like a nice pie! mmmmmmmmmm pie!!
2008-03-19 23:28:49
he's still a ugly fucker
2008-03-19 22:53:48
Don't feed the troll. Plus, there is nothing "subhuman" about this. I'd say that it's typically human.
2008-03-19 22:47:21
Mopatop. Your subhuman comment was uncalled for on this website. It will rebound on you in the future!
2008-03-19 22:17:58
Ugly fucker!!
2008-03-19 22:05:02
Bah! All they need is a little of my freedom that I impart on nations! BOO-YEAH!!! Get a job and move where the food is, Haji!!! DOUBLE BOO-YEAH!!!!
2008-03-19 17:58:06
Fear! Terror! This is what the West has done to the innocent peoples of Ethiopia and other African nations.