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Old Comments:

2009-05-22 05:30:32
This is a flower from Asia that only opens at night and produces the most beautiful perfume and by morning has closed and died.
2009-04-24 10:48:02
Wow, Flash flower open....Good animations Connie....I like it.....
2009-04-23 15:41:08
Hey, it rocks! I like it! ;-)
2009-04-23 14:45:44
Many thanks july. In my file, it opens slowly and there is no flashing line. But, it's a chance I take when I upload a bigger animation.
2009-04-23 14:31:18
Is beautiful no matter how fast it opens.
2009-04-23 14:26:28
Yikes - that turned out awful. It supposed to open very slowly...not manic. Vote it down ;-)