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Old Comments:

2011-04-09 13:26:10
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .........but why? .........and who says cohise is a he?
2011-04-09 13:15:58
Because he's you and me and everyone else on earth. It's a bit more obvious in his case..but only a bit.
2011-04-09 12:52:58
Why did he put 'rhinoceros', 'cohise', 'you damned' under tag - thats weird! Why did he ask how many cats their are - that even weirder!
2011-04-09 11:48:42
Then he has something in common with much of the rest of humanity, a light side, a dark one. And he's honest enough to show them both. Through darkness, one gropes, struggles and, sometimes, finds one's way to greater things.
2011-04-09 11:10:37
The thing is that cohise has a very nasty and mean streak to him, but he can also be funny - almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (two personalities).
2011-04-09 10:55:20
Sure, Not Any Worse, no prob. It was just a bit of good-natured ribbing. On my part, anyway. I kinda like the old sod. He's so super intelligent, his world must surely be a lonely one. There prolly aren't many folk in his sphere of existence who can truly understand & appreciate him. Not being sarcastic here, not at all. Just my personal assessment. And he does have his own, unique way of spicing up this site. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, Cohise.
2011-04-09 10:11:28
Cohise may be nuts but he's not any worse than half the kooks, wing-nuts, fruit-loops and wack-jobs running loose around here. Give the guy a break, eh ?
2011-04-09 10:03:50
I suspect it (not quite human) excaped the asylum or was discharged in error.
2011-04-09 09:56:22
He's either escaped from his asylum or he's been on good behavior long enough to be awarded computer privileges. I rather think he has escaped.
2011-04-09 09:29:13
You off the booze for now cohise?
2011-04-09 09:19:22
As you can see, I’ve left enough space in the title in order to fill in a name. And it’s extremely suitable for troll names. Why did you think I did it for ….? Honour to whom honour is due.
2011-04-09 08:35:23
OMG...crazy cohise is back! Run for the hills...don't look back....don't stop....just RUN!!!!
2011-04-09 08:19:57
How many cats do you see in this picture ? Cohise, the only address with the name Cohise.