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Old Comments:

2010-09-18 08:42:39
Wrong once again Connie, your love lust patito has more registered names than there are computers in Texas.
2010-09-18 08:28:44
You can comment and post with one registered username. You can comment and post with another name as long as you don't register it. But if you register a 2nd name, I would think that the only way you could go back and forth with both or more names would be to have more than one computer.
2010-09-18 05:53:48
Nobody will be quite as shocked as me, patito, when I learn that I am a woman, but of course it will be nice to learn where I live because I will be able to go home again.
2010-09-17 15:13:48
I was just thinking that this morning, Connie. I was perplexed at how posters can comment and post under so many usernames. Do people have these usernames under the same email address ? I didn't think that was allowed. I've always commented and posted under my own username. Less complicated that way...well for me anyway.... :)
2010-09-17 15:03:36
I'm confused with what you're saying patito - try French ;-) Why wouldn't the poster and commentator be the same person? I'm an old hand on this site (two years), and I have no idea how to register and new name without loosing the one I have now (Connie). Two years ago I started posting under the name Diane. Then, I logged out...planning not to return to Pixdaus. When I changed my mind, I could not use the name Diane anymore, so I started to use Connie (after Connie Francis ;-) Unless you have two computers, I don't know how you folks can have two registered names. But then I'm computer illiterate.
2010-09-17 14:03:09
Thankyou for the warning, Patito....
2010-09-17 14:00:55
The photo was posted by someone using the name Farmer in the Dell. I have no idea who that person is, whether it's a male or female or an old hand or a newbie. But it was probably a new person because most of us old hands know to register any name we use. But whoever it weas failed to register that name, meaning that anyone can use it, and the comment signed Farmer in the Dell was posted by the troll, who is a female. We know who she is, and we know where she lives. Like I said...stay tuned.
2010-09-17 13:45:22
And is FITD a he or she ? It's just that when you wrote who this person could be, you referred to this person as a she, but then said you were not this person by saying that 'he isn't me'. I'm a little confused.... :(
2010-09-17 13:42:56
Thankyou Patito. The last sentence FITD wrote, made me feel quite uneasy thinking that the poster might be you. It sounded quite suspicious to me... :(
2010-09-17 13:38:18
Good judgement, PG...that statement was made by one of our old and dear trolls. She thinks she is anonymous behind her troll names, but some of us have figured out who she is. We're not quite ready to 'out' her, but you and others will be shocked when you learn her identiy. She's someone who poses as a sweet and polite person but is, in fact, one of the nastiest trolls ever to plague this site. Stay tuned. And by the way, I have no earthly idea who Farmer in the Dell is, but he isn't me.
2010-09-17 13:09:05
You are very welcome. Please forgive me if I hold some reservations in believing if you are patito or not though. Your last sentence has sort of made me feel that way. Apologies for that...
2010-09-17 12:51:36
Thank you PictureGirl! Actually, I am your old and very good friend patito. Farmer in the Dell is just another user name that I made up. Some users don't like it if you upload more than 10 to 15 photos per day, so I use about a dozen different names daily in order to upload the 100 to 150 photos that I do.
2010-09-17 10:35:05
Very peaceful and serene. A beautiful photo, Farmer in the Dell... :)