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2009-07-08 03:31:21
WAITING FOR THE FIREWORKS: Every year on the last week of July-first week of August we have the Celebration of Lights. The fireworks are done from two barges put together, on English Bay. It's done to music (loudspeakers) that each country selects. Three countries compete (different every year). It's on four separate nights. On the fourth night, the winner is announced and all three countries put on a finale. It's always on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Thousands and thousands of people gather at different beaches (some across the way from the Bay), to watch these spectacular shows. Also, dozens of boats gather around, but under the control of the Harbour Police. Often, a cruise ship on its way to Alaska, will stop there glowing with the lights; it adds to the magic. It was orignally called 'Symphony of Fire' with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra playing at English Bay. It was sponsored by Benson & Hedges, but because it was determined that it was illegal to have them advertise on the side of the barge (cannot advertise cigarettes), the were asked to remove the sign, so they pulled out and took the name with them. Now, its sponsored by banks, etc.