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Old Comments:

2008-11-15 21:05:05
many thanks, jon doe!
2008-11-15 19:21:54
Do I need your permission to criticize you, your Holiness? It's obvious you are maniacally obsessed with anti smoking according to your other posts. Are you anti drinking as well? Do you have sex? Do you have any vices? Learn some tolerance. Btw I am a non smoker.
2008-11-15 19:03:38
Any fool can post a stupid comment. Did you get my permission to criticize this pic and display your silly remarks? obviously there are quite a lot of visitors who see this pic as an improvement (see votes), and you as stupid smoker have to live with it!
2008-11-15 09:07:59
You need a name, Lonely Person...without a name you are merely an insubstantial whisp upon the digital ether....
2008-11-15 09:01:00
Thanks jimeeeeeee thanks ASF! what about me? I have probably been here longer than any of you! and still no respect!
2008-11-15 08:53:15
Any fool can post other peoples work. Did you get permission of the photographer to alter his pic and display it as an "improvement" by your talented self?
2008-11-15 02:59:45
thanks ASF!
2008-11-15 01:21:37
Excellent picture! Great pose! What a beautiful woman - Now you can focus on her without being being distracted by that horrible disgusting cigarette that totally obliterated the image.
2008-11-15 01:03:05
you're welcome, jimmy! :-)
2008-11-14 23:21:33
Thank you for removing the ugly cigarette and making this photo a beautiful sight.
2008-11-14 21:52:59
you haven't posted a single picture at pixdaus and thus not contributed in any way to this site - but that doesn't hinder you from having a big mouth here and criticizing other peoples' pictures. who do you think you are?
2008-11-14 21:10:53
Your amateurish attempt at photoshop has given her an ugly finger.