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Old Comments:

2008-11-03 05:04:47
And an electric chair. Oops, I said " electric chair" I made a funny, sort of.
2008-10-07 18:21:45
Why doesnt she hire somebody. OR i think she (Americans) would rather waste money on their donuts and McDonalds.
2008-06-05 11:40:39
She may be putting the mower back for someone? The grass all looks cut? Sad regardless ...
2008-06-04 09:36:06
Either's pathetic
2008-06-04 08:59:33
That could be the top of a shrub.
2008-06-04 08:55:15
Pretty obvious 'shop job. Look at the half a wheel on the rear of the wheelchair.
2008-06-03 04:31:50
world police!
2008-06-03 02:22:35
I hope those fat Americans do not lift a chubby little finger and push too many buttons. Poof we are gone.
2008-06-03 02:04:21
Where do you think electricity comes from? A hefty percentage of what's powering that lawnmower came from oil. german egghead may also be simply using the title to point out that if this fattie can't afford to run her car, she's screwed since she can't walk more than a couple of 100 metres.
2008-06-03 01:46:37
america, fuck yeah
2008-06-03 01:38:28
I guess they didn't want to waste a potential jab at Americans.
2008-06-02 23:45:02
this really is a classic! wherever did you find such an absurd image egghead!
2008-06-02 23:41:22
The "cheap oil" title is idiotic here: That's an electric lawnmower. Note the lack of exhaust or starter cord.
2008-06-02 23:17:18
Note the crocs. You may be too fat to wipe your ass, but you also have to get those. Classy.