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Old Comments:

2008-05-10 04:25:29
Honestly, I'd say kudos to this guy. He did his time, he accepted his choices, and he's one of the few people I'd feel actually was reformed despite how screwed up our "correctional" system is. I'd hire the guy if nothing else then the ground of his upstanding honesty upfront. Sure, he got caught, but how long did he NOT get caught? I'd say that weighs well for him.
2008-05-07 08:27:32
I feel slight resentment in his ad - 10 years in clink can do this to you. You end up damaged. If you employ this guy in any responsible position and he screws up, the lawyers suing you will have a field day. And if there is any iffy aspect of your business, the cops can show up and blackmail him and threaten him to lock him up again for parole violation. I feel sorry for ex-cons who want to go straight but they will always be lepers.
2008-05-07 01:54:27
Successful 10 year jail sentence?? = UNsuccessful smuggler. Who wants a screwup like that?
2008-05-06 22:53:37
I'd need a face-to-face interview but, based on the ad, I'd say he was a strong candidate.
2008-05-06 21:24:22
Hell, i'd hire him.
2008-05-06 20:44:51
Having Successfully completed a ten year sentence, incident-free, for importing 75 tons of marijuana into the United States. I am now seeking a legal and legitimate means to support myself and my family. Business Experience: Owned and operated a successful fishing business - multi vessel, one airplane, one island and one processing facility. Simultaneously owned and operated a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks conducting business in the western United States. During this time I also co-owned and participated in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide in a successful pot smuggling venture with revenues in excess of US$100 million annually. I took responsibility for my actions, and received a ten year sentence in the untied states while others walked free for their cooperation. Attributes: I am an expert in all levels of security; I have extensive computer skills, am personable, outgoing, well-educated, reliable, clean and sober. I have spoken in schools to thousands of kids and parent groups over the past ten years on "the consequences of choice", and received public recognition from the RCMP for community service. I am well-travelled and speak English, French and Spanish. References available from friends, family and the U.S. District Attorney, etc.