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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-04-14 10:57:58
When I first started doing it, I was the only one, now that everybodys doing it I feel better. I'm talking about filling the blank spaces ofcorse!! : ) and yes those rude taggers are annoying but we found a way around them.
2009-04-14 10:49:19
If you click on ( hor ) it will take you to some wonderful pictures. I also see that you have been filling in the blank spaces behind your tags also ---------------------- I saw that some of you ladies doing it. And after last weeks rude tagger I too have begun to do the same.
2009-04-14 10:11:04
I'm really bad tonight! I'm getting distracted, I meant to write horn not hor,,,,ok A Bouts, blue fuzzy one, anybody who want's to take a shot at me feel free to do so : )