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Old Comments:

2008-08-15 19:28:57
I am german. This is definately german furniture and living room in the 50's. I was born in 1951. The ashtray was a standard device at that time - look how decorative it is! It is unused and Elvis has nothing to do with it. I like this picture very much.
2008-05-04 12:46:25
Don't know. He was in the army in 1958 and 1959, but the haircut is not regulation. In his case, his superiors probaly looked the other way a little bit. He was discharged in the spring of 1960 at the rank of E5(sergeant) The pic may have been taken in W Germany where he was stationed.
2008-03-31 11:18:30
What's with the ashtry in the background? I thought he didn't smoke.