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Old Comments:

2010-05-08 18:12:00
I like your cats too, especially Erk who seem to be a torty like my,much smaller, Arrietty, whom I have just posted for you to see.
2010-05-08 13:40:11
Hello ccrider, You have very beautiful cats. This one really is beautiful. I am so sorry that Elvis is blind. Was he blind from birth ? It looks like you spoil him, but I don't blame you. I spoil my 2 cats too. I'm so sorry that your photos are being downvoted. I upvoted most of them, but did not downvote any of them. Just be careful that you don't post too many pics all at once too. People don't like that being done here. Anyway, I wish you all the best with your cats. I'd love to give them all a big hug. Take care...:)
2010-05-08 13:37:37
Ahhh...sweet cuddly little cat You're obviously an Elvis fan. I've got the LP that includes CC Rider ;-)