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Old Comments:

2009-01-26 09:50:44
Great story behind the photo. Sometimes we forget the effort that goes into getting a great picture. A lot of hiking, freezing, waiting, late nights and early mornings etc... We just cut and paste. Once again, it's nice to hear the story behind a nice picture. Even the cruddy pics could get a few more votes if we knew what was involved to get it.
2009-01-26 09:03:26
the photographer said: "I'd heard these tiny little owls occasionally this spring near Tucson, but photographing one was tougher. Finally found a nest hole in a massive old saguaro cactus and waited near it before dawn. He showed up right before dawn, landing in a bush right in front of me and hanging out for a few minutes before retreating to his hole for the day. Canon 20D, 400 5.6L, 1/125, f5.6, ISO800, 430EX @ -1 1/3EV."