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Old Comments:

2009-09-13 18:46:40
It is the Lin Cove Viaduct just outside of Blowing Rock NC on the world's most beautiful scenic road, the Blue Ridge Parkway.
2008-04-07 20:36:47
2008-04-03 15:05:11
There are similar elevated roadways in the's a way to build a hiway with minimal destructive impact on the terrain..ordinary road construction tears hell out of the landscape...there's also something similar ( though less scenic) where I 45 goes through downtown's called 'The Pierce Elevated'...
2008-04-02 19:31:55
and at the beginning of this structure is also a still ground
2008-04-02 19:31:26
isn't it bridging over a canyon, rocks, or whatever beneath that structure? because eventually, at the end of this structure is a still ground.
2008-04-02 02:50:12
It's the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Asheville.
2008-04-01 23:30:10
Nope..a bridge is a structure that "bridges" a gap of some sort..the sides of a river, a canyon, mainland to island, elevated highway is exactly that, a roadway that has been built up from the grade...
2008-04-01 20:46:25
Wow! good view and good shot!
2008-04-01 14:53:19
isn't it called a bridge?