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Old Comments:

2010-04-11 21:04:04
There are too many 'human responses' here already. :(
2010-04-10 13:11:04
TWEET ! Down-voters ! Heads Up ! Time to report for duty ! You all need to put down those photos of Chuck Norris naked, stop masturbating, and man your down-voting stations !
2010-04-10 10:19:33
Because they are NEWS photographs intended for a different audience, primarily newspaper readers. They are primarily in black and white and never staged or planned. They convey events that actually happened and most often while they are happening. Photos on Pixdaus are prettied up and planned photos for an entirely different audience and, if not taken in a studio, they are almost always taken under highly controlled circumstances. There is nothing wrong with either of these circumstances, it is just that both have their right time and place.
2010-04-10 01:15:08
Grandpaw used to say "If you don't like the peas, eat the applesauce, and don't cuss the cook with your mouth full."
2010-04-09 23:32:07
Dear Dissenter: so sorry to hear about the condition of your soul. Maybe you should try soaking it overnight in a warm saline solution: it might possibly re-hydrate.
2010-04-09 23:27:50
And why will none of your photos ever appear on Pixdaus, Mr. Hoity-Toity Professional News Photographer?
2010-04-09 16:11:26
What is so special about this photo, Audie Murphy, that the comments should be sacred and treated differently from any others? I think that your comments are the most inane and stupid ever. I am downvoting them and hope that others will as well.
2010-04-09 15:47:11
Andover1, do you know Ms Lukyanov? On what basis have you determined that she is an accomplished professional photographer? A brief effort on my part has yielded no information about her, including no further examples of her photography. This photo could be her best, or be her worst, or be her only. In order to evaluate a photographer you need to view at least a small portfolio of their work. Any particular photograph can be evaluated on it's own basis. As for Ms Lukyanov, having easily produced a technically perfect work, had she desired, from this photo? That is pure speculation, maybe she did or maybe she didn't have that ability. Yes, the Pixdaus audience is a mass audience, but each with their individual standards and tastes and each has the ability to judge a photo based upon their own standards. By the way, I am a professional photographer myself, albeit a news photographer and none of my photos have, or ever will if it is up to me, appear on Pixdaus
2010-04-08 23:31:22
One must wonder how a human soul could be so pitifully impoverished, withered and stunted that they would be motivated to down-vote the comments on this page.
2010-04-08 23:08:09
Yes..if one is looking for "textbook standard" technical perfection. However, Ms Lukyanov is an accomplished professional photographer and might easily have produced a technically perfect work had she desired. But I suspect she wished to capture a feeling of warmth, which the infusion of brilliant light through the window produces. The Pixdaus 'audience,' let us remember,is a mass audience, with more or less bourgeois taste and rather pedestrian aethetic preferences. Any departure from that, or any expression that challenges accepted standards, is likely to meet with little or limited success.
2010-04-08 16:39:03
I think that this would all be a matter of how you based your voting. The photo, of mother and child, certainly has a lot of emotional appeal and, if this is the basis for voting, it would be surprising to see it voted down. However, it does lack some photographic values. Heavily backlit on the left and underexposed on the right, the photo could benefit from some dodge and burn techniques. Also the dynamic color range could be expanded to benefit it greatly. Based on this, it is not unreasonable that the photo could be voted down based on photographic values.
2010-04-06 18:01:57
Maybe they down voted to see if they could get a human like response from robot. Which I don't think anyone will ever see.
2010-04-06 17:04:37
It's beautiful and heartwarming!
2010-04-06 16:15:04
It is a matter of personal taste! I would not downvote this, but I would not upvote it either. It is a photo that simply does not appeal to me, but I can see where others would like it. Just one more reason why I feel downvoting should be eliminated.
2010-04-06 10:51:24
Go figure!
2010-04-06 10:00:27
...somebody out there actually downvoted this when it first came up...!!! ????