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Old Comments:

2010-09-13 12:53:56
Kev posted this photo without indicating the location; then Savannah did the same. Like PG said, all the comments were under Savannah's post. A person mentioned that she thought the stairs were from a Hyatt hotel in Paris, but was not sure.
2010-09-13 11:47:12
That's ok, Gabrielle. Glad to help.. :)
2010-09-13 11:24:04
Thanks Luna and PictureGirl. I had forgotten that it was posted by Savannah and, for the record, it was the Park Hyatt Vendome
2010-09-13 10:54:32
Sorry Luna. You have already done that. BTW, I really do love the photos you post. They are really beautiful.. :)
2010-09-13 10:52:34
That was under the other post of this picture, by Savannah...
2010-09-13 10:48:58
Here they are Gabrielle:
2010-09-13 10:32:48
This is really weird! A little while ago this pic had nineteen or twenty comments among which, towards the end, was information on where the stairs actually are - a hotel in Paris, the name of which I can't remember just now. Why has all this disappeared? Especially the bit about the location of the stairs which was posted, I think, by Parisian. Very perplexing. Pixdaus please restore!
2010-09-13 09:37:52
Posters should indicate from which website they have found the photos from. It makes common sense to do so and will make it easier to find out where certain locations are...
2010-09-13 05:56:05
Will the mystery ever be solved?
2010-05-15 16:19:32
Unfortunately, Kev hasen't been posting here for awhile Gabrielle, I think he quit around the time they put up the new rules for posting, it's too bad cause he posted a lot of good pics. I'm not sure how you could find out where this staircase is, unless someone recognizes it. I think Kev said he was from England.
2010-05-15 15:12:08
It certainly is elaborate - beautiful really, but, where is it?