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Old Comments:

2011-12-20 02:03:55
I've had eggs benedict and liked it quiet well. The hollandaise sauce has a very unique flavor. What I describe as "old fashion". That was my impression.
2011-12-20 00:26:27
This would not be a patito posting, his pics are not as nice as this one so you insulted the wrong person.
2011-12-19 06:23:54
I'm a fanatic for eggs benedict - with crab, lobster, salmon (smoked or not), chorizo, ham, bacon, spinach, shrimp etc. and I have it most of the time at my regular weekly Brunch with friends at different expensive restaurants . But, I've never heard of having it on a chrome plate, and nothing was wrong with the sauce. Are you serious?
2011-12-19 04:22:33
Beautiful...but..since that is hollandaise sauce, the dish should always be served on a chrome plate. Remember...there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.