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Old Comments:

2010-10-04 06:22:08
Why this foto for you? It's because I thought you would like it. When I posted those 40 photos for the others, I either 1) posted a user's favourite type of photo (ie PictureGirl loves flower gardens, so I posted one. 2) posted something related to a user's name (ie marigold flowers for Marigold2; a happy Jack Spaniel dog for Happy Jack, dragon fly (libellule in French) for Libellule, Luna Moth for Luna and so on. 3) posted a photo of where I know the person lives (Patito - Texas; Coy - Indiana; Peasant - Croation, and so on). 4) For people I could not determine their favourite type of photos or where they lived or I could no do anything with their names (ie Edwin Krauze, Dingbat etc), I posted photos that I thought they might like. Poppy is also from Finland. When I did a search for her, I could not find really nice photos of Finland to post, so I posted a photo of a poppy field. I had aready posted the nicest one of Finland on the Net before, so I couldn't very well re-post them ;-)
2010-10-03 17:44:01
:) Why this fotos is for me? You are very friendly CONNIE! Greetings from Finland...
2010-09-18 04:42:39
It's you. A couple of weeks ago, I posted 40 photos - one for each person on Pixdaus (not the new folks). I don't think that every one saw their photo.
2010-09-18 02:13:22
great photos, who is EDWIN KRAUZE? :-)