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Old Comments:

2011-09-10 20:19:28
Stop eating fish ? First I ever heard that fish weren't good for you, especially deep ocean fish with those Omega oils like wild Pacific salmon.
2011-09-10 20:03:26
Our aversion to eating horse meat is entirely cultural. It's actually no more or less wholesome or tasty than that of other ungulates and grazing herd animals. Canines and felines are another matter. Their diets tend to include more meat and less vegetable matter and consequently has a more rank and gamey taste. On old prospector got snowed in up in the mountans one winter and had to eat a wildcat. Someone later asked him what it was like. He said he got the wild part down alright, but he had a little trouble with the cat.
2011-09-10 19:02:06
This thing about French people eating horse meat has been circulating around for years. My cousins do not eat horse meat and they don't know anyone who eats it and they have never seen horse meat in the markets.
2011-09-10 17:58:46
Many vegetarians who believe they do not take the lives of animals un-wittingly support a system that requires the slaughter of tens of thousands of animals each year by their consuming of dairy products. A cow must conceive and give birth in order for lactation to occur. About half the calves will be females who can be worked back into the dairy herads, But about half will be little bull calves who will rather quickly wind up on our dinner plates. Something to consider when you're eating your yogurt.
2011-09-10 16:37:30
No immediate danger, but when they get old and their milk production drops they are sent to the butchers as what are called 'canners and cutters' and wind up as down-market cuts of beef, corned beef and hamburger. The ecomonics of the dairy business simply don't allow farners to keep their old cows around as pets. Same thing happens to lots of horses, too. They wind up as dog and cat food. Except in France, of course, where people eat them.
2011-09-10 15:19:02
No danger for these gals since they are Dairy cows, not beef cattle. :)