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2009-04-11 21:35:13
President of the US in 1911 was William Howard Taft.. history has judged him to have been a fairly decent president..not one of the greats, but an honest and competent man....his administration saw the initiation of the federal income tax and direct election of US senators..
2009-04-11 14:13:41
Kiddies to Roll Eggs Today President May Speak to Children on White House Lawn The White House is prepared for the Easter festivities which will be held today, when the White House lawns will be thrown open to all the children of the city for egg rolling. Baskets have been distributed profusely over the grounds, but today they will probably yearn in vain to be utilized. There are innumerable signs and other precautions taken to remind the heedless what a wastebasket is intended for and the policeman will plod from group to group to ask the parents, nurses, and children to throw their eggshells and empty bags into the places provided for them. The guardians of the grounds, however, know from experience that the well-groomed lawns after today's siege will be littered ankle deep with the remnants of picnicking, and they have hauled the extra rakes and wheelbarrows down from the loft of the executive stables in anticipation. The President will come out to spend a few minutes with the children, and probably will make a little speech to them. He expects, however, to be overshadowed as an attraction by the gayly uniformed Marine Band, which he has ordered out for the entertainment of the children, and he will not interrupt very long. The predictions for local weather conditions today, issued by the weather bureau last night at 11 o'clock are: Fair, slightly warmer Monday. Washington Post, April 17, 1911