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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-09-09 02:57:48
Lovely photo - you captured so many fall colors that aren't often this brilliant here in North Carolina, compared to more northern climes that get serious winters. Meantime, the bridge was painted red in June 2010! Search "duke gardens red bridge" for the story.
2010-02-19 12:26:56
Australia's sounding better all the time Coy, great beer, friendly people, beautiful country,...I'm ready to go! ... another funny thing about Pixdaus, here we are chatting about Australia, on a pic of a japanese garden in North Carolina! :)
2010-02-19 11:32:37
No skip, I did not take any pictures while I was in Adelaid or Perth. Seems as if I went to as many Pubs as I could. Which were a lot.Had a great time tho.Their Draft beer is fantastic. Best that I have ever had. The great thing about it was that those people would not let you buy a drank. they are very friendly toward americans. Love it down there..
2010-02-19 09:11:40
Wow, 1987 was a long time ago. That is when I moved into my flat and I'm still living here after all that time. I've never been to the USA, although I've seen lots of beautiful pictures of your country, especially autumn pictures. I think you would like Melbourne. They say that we are the world's most livable city but I don't know if we still are that or not. They also say that we are the number 1 sports capital of the world. I can believe that. People here love their sports. I'm not one for sports though. I used to love watching cricket, tennis and AFL Football, but not much if at all now. Thanks, Coy. Hope you are enjoying your day...
2010-02-18 23:53:32
I was last there in 1987 and I reside in southern Indiana.Beautiful country here. Did not ever make it to the big city of Melbourne.
2010-02-18 13:24:40
LOL, Jacksparrow. That's funny. Glad that the snow has melted quickly... :)
2010-02-18 13:10:09
It melted off pretty quick. There's still a few remnants of snowmen around. But they don't pose any harm. :)
2010-02-18 12:53:12
Hope you won't be stuck in the snow for too long, Jacksparrow. Hope it will go away soon for you.
2010-02-18 12:49:42
No worries... :) Thanks Skip (and Jacksparrow)..
2010-02-18 12:39:03
Stuck in the snow. ;) Actually I've been here a bit lately... incognito. You seem to recognize a couple. Has a nice day. :)
2010-02-18 12:32:02
I think Jacksparrow was talking about the pic Mary, :) Thanks Jack, great to see you here, where have you been? ;)
2010-02-18 12:23:22
Why do you say that, Jacksparrow ? :)
2010-02-18 12:22:03
Thankyou, Coy. That is very kind of you. Believe it or not, Adelaide and Perth are usually much hotter than Melbourne is. Well, that's life here in Aus. Perth is supposed to be a very clean city. But the water in Adelaide is supposed to not taste very nice. When were you in Australia ? And would I be able to ask where you reside ? If you'd rather not say, I will understand.
2010-02-18 12:19:30
Amazing! I'm completely blown away.
2010-02-18 12:17:05
Ok Mary, I will do just that from now on. I found most of the people to be very nice. As I said I was down there twice. Both times I was in Adelaide and Perth. I loved it there. I have said most of my life that I was going to move down there. Haven't yet, Probably never will, But I do lve you all...
2010-02-18 12:14:25
You are welcome, Skip. Yes, you are right about this being one of the good things about Pixdaus. And of course, the pictures too, especially ones of cats and flowers... :D
2010-02-18 12:10:15
Thanks Mary, that would be great! and thanks for giving us all some more info on Australia, this is one of the good things about Pixdaus, I mean sometimes we can talk about things that you just don't find on other websites or chatrooms, well atleast when the trolls settle down :)
2010-02-18 12:03:23
You are very welcome, Skip. You can always write PG too if you'd like to, but I'll answer to anything, (well, within reason that is). Boiling is right. When it gets to 117 Fahrenheit (that's what it was on Feb 7th 2009, Black Saturday when we had those horrible bushfires) it's just abit much. Thankfully, I had my air con cooling me down that day and have my windows tinted in my flat. It made it 20 degrees cooler and I was very glad of that. Yes, Australia is a very pretty country. It's a great place to live and I am very grateful that we live in a such a great place. I hope that you will be able to come out here one day. Maybe I can be your guide and take you around Melbourne... :)
2010-02-18 11:57:58
Thanks Mary, I will keep that in mind, I don't really like it boiling hot either, I hope I do see australia someday it really seems like a special place, and beautiful in pictures. you take care too Mary, and I'm really glad you explained you liked being called Mary, cause PictureGirl was kinda long. :)
2010-02-18 11:47:57
Now who's going red ?.... :) Thanks for that, Skip. You are too kind.... :) A tip... if you do come to Australia and you don't like heat like I do, don't visit from December through February. Those months can get extremely hot. I loathe that time of year. Take care, Skip. Hope your day is going well also... :)
2010-02-18 11:44:24
Awww, isn't that a very sweet thing to say about the Aussies, Coy ! Thankyou so much. We try to please. But you can meet some not very nice people here too. But I guess all countries can be that way. And about staying nice and warm, warm yes, nice... no! Well, that's how I feel about it. Thankyou again, Coy. Hope you are having a great day. Oh and BTW, please call me Mary... :) (Not that I mind being called PictureGirl or PG)...
2010-02-18 11:42:29
I've never been there Coy, but I would love to go! did you take any pics on your travels there? maybe you could share them here, and just judging from PictureGirl, I'm thinking you must be right about the people being warm and friendly there. :)
2010-02-18 11:37:55
Yes Skip, Picrure Girl is staying nice and warm in Australia this time of the year. I have been down under twice. The people are some of the nicest a person would ever want to meet. Love it down there.
2010-02-18 11:37:26
LOL ! That's a good one, Skip. You are soooo right about that ! It's going to warm up again over the weekend. I'm not looking forward to it. I think the only thing about summer now that keeps me going, is that soon it will be autumn. Which leads me to your beautiful picture here. This looks like such a pretty place. And autumn is always a special time of year. I can understand though about how you would hate the winter chills. We never get winter here like you guys do. Ours is a milder winter than yours is. But sometimes I wish we could get the occasional day of snow here and there, but we get none of that white powdery stuff. Oh well, never mind... :(
2010-02-18 11:26:22
Thanks Coy! I hope it does help with the winter chills, some of us need all the help we can get with that! ofcorse PictureGirl, needs the snow pics there in Australia :)
2010-02-18 11:14:58
Beautiful,, Nice posting skip. Looking at this will take a little of this winter chill off.