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Posted By:July

Old Comments:

2009-04-30 01:01:30
Goody. Now I can sleep at nights.
2009-04-28 22:48:46
Symmetry Achieved
2009-04-28 18:16:07
Well, just klik on download full-size image when you see a black picture like this one. BDW: Nice pic.
2009-04-28 17:49:47
Picture that I tried to post, was in BITMAP (BMP) format. You can post only in format JPEG (OR JPG). The picture was initially Bitmap, after I turned in Jpeg appeared (the picture EAST).
2009-04-28 07:32:36
One more, Connie, please, to make the squares in "similar pics for you" symmetrical. The last row is missing one. ;-)
2009-04-28 07:22:43
Often as in look at the "similar pics for you" section above these comments. I did not intend my earlier comments to be a put down or even funny. But Julys first comment said she thought she knew what happened. So I was just trying to do a little research on the cause. Oh well, I glad you guys had fun.
2009-04-28 00:28:47
Often? Geez, a bit of an exageration, what! I just do this so you folks will appreciate the photos that I do upload correctly. July...what did happen...if my chance I want to amend my ways?
2009-04-28 00:23:33
2009-04-27 21:57:17
Connie's pics often upload all black. And nobody can figure out why. I was hoping you could shed some light on the subject.
2009-04-27 21:54:08
I was careless ........
2009-04-27 21:39:53
If you figure it out, let Connie know what happened.
2009-04-27 21:26:11
sorry I think I know what happened ......