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Old Comments:

2009-03-29 20:19:46
You're correct. I like the movie, Don Rickles, and Clint Eastwood. You have excellent taste in entertainment. 10 + votes to your Pixdaus page.
2009-03-29 11:08:48
I was watching a thing about Don Rickles on the other day. Now I know who Larry Dickman is. I've seen Kelly's Heroes dozens of times to. Good one.
2009-03-29 10:57:22
The Sky is falling!!! The Sky is falling!!! We all saw it ourselves!!! -Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey. Come to my den and I'll save you all!!! -Foxy loxy
2009-03-29 06:58:47
Even better yet, try this link: to celebrate human achievement/science etc...
2009-03-29 06:54:09
Ten ways you can do your part!