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Old Comments:

2011-09-27 23:44:06
que hermosa! what street is this?
2008-06-07 20:00:57
I would like to see your pics, post them? Great shot!
2008-04-05 22:12:53
I know that neighbourhood. It smells like pee.
2008-04-05 16:01:21
I have lived on that street, very good capture! Much better than any of my photos :)
2008-02-07 16:38:33
I like this view in barcelona, is a nice bridge
2008-02-06 08:33:27
oh i love that city!
2008-02-06 02:35:21
It's far more than only a dozen, z. I can show you around if you like to.
2008-02-06 00:30:00
and in a dozen other cities and towns around europe...
2008-02-05 23:02:02
thank you, sonia - i suppose in prague you can find a lot of similar views.
2008-02-05 22:55:36
Old or New. Ot doesnt matter. Photo is beautifull.
2008-02-05 20:53:04
barcelona is old in some senses only. especially after 1992 the was a lot of modernization going on so nowadays you will find a mix of all styles of arquitecture. this very picture i took mainly because it reminded me of the novel "La catedral del mar" by Ildefonso Falcones
2008-02-05 20:21:49
old city!