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Old Comments:

2008-08-21 10:42:56
he's using a asymmetric bow, a traditional Japanese weapon.
2008-08-01 23:24:52
Its japanese. For shure!
2008-07-31 14:19:25
Ancient Chinese secret, huh?
2008-07-31 12:21:44
Kyudo! Always wanted to get into that.
2008-07-31 02:26:05
Early Chinese? Do you mean like 1200 b.c.?
2008-07-30 20:41:51
....or Chinaman dressed in Japanese garb. Ur...maybe not.
2008-07-30 17:36:40
I bet they didn't have cameras around to shoot any "early" Chinese archer, anyway.
2008-07-30 16:10:23
I think so too: This is a japanese archer!
2008-07-30 09:07:39
Unless he is a Japanese-Chinese.
2008-07-30 08:28:40
I'd bet money on it.
2008-07-30 08:12:46
I believe that's a Japanese archer.