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Posted By:Quixpix

Old Comments:

2009-03-03 01:52:48
But this picture is poor quality. It's out of focus, you can't see the bird's wings or feathers, just the outline. See the picture of the "Glory Hawk" that I posted for an excellent image.
2009-03-02 22:57:38
and big tires.... That's funny.
2009-03-02 22:54:38
Patito, thanks for your input, it is much appreciated.
2009-03-02 22:43:26
Down-votes often have little to do with the qualities of a photo, Quix...a bunch of adolescents zip through here most mornings before school down-voting everything they see that doesn't have tits or big tires...quality will win out in the long run, though..that said, this is not all that great a photo, though I did not down vote it because I want to encourage you to keep posting..
2009-03-02 22:24:52
Wow, it took all of 2 minutes after posting to get a vote of -3, at least leave a comment and tell me why. And maybe post some of your birds in flight.