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Old Comments:

2009-02-18 00:42:53
One more thing, Abe..would you be so good as to provide an exmaple of some of my comments on paint-by-numbers pictures to which you refer in your comment? Thanks.
2009-02-18 00:30:48
Well, Abe, I'd be a lot more impressed with Kincade's Christianity if he didn't exploit it to help peddle his stuff, and if he didn't use it to help convince the suckers who pay thousands of dollars for his "personalized prints" that they're making a sound financial investment. The guy may be a schmaltzy tenth rate artist but he's a first rate hustler and con artist who has made tens of millions of dollars by taking advantage of the general public's credulity and naivete. The fact that he's also an out-of-control drunk would have no relevance to any of this if he hadn't gone out of his way to promote himself as a Christian Goodie Twoshoes..lots of artists have been drunks and worse, but few of them have tried to market themselves as Godly Bearers of Inspirational Light the way Kincade has. As H.L. Mencken once famously observed, nobody ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public. Tom Kincade is incarnate proof of that. But, as I said in one of my comments above, far be it from me to deny anyone the validity of their aesthetic experience. If old Tom's work gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, that's nice and I'm real happy for you.
2009-02-17 22:50:11
I don't see how they could make a separate room for every possible category. If they keep dividing things up there will be nothing on the main page. Can you imagine how nuanced that could get? for instance -Some people might like animals -then some would want only dogs then some would only want puppies and then there would be further distinctions until there would be such narrow classifications it would get ridiculous. -I think that is what the favorites button is for - to save what you like and create your own little room of images in whatever category you like.
2009-02-17 15:20:42
Kewl pic!
2009-02-17 14:55:03
That's a good idea cohise, to have an alternative room for them kinda like they do with what they call erotic pics, to change subjects again, some of the pics they are sending away to the erotic section are very mild, I mean they don't seem erotic at all, maybe they don't have enough, so they just include them.
2009-02-17 14:09:48
PS: I beleive, Patito voting power 11. I doesn't mean anything with that, but so you see ...
2009-02-17 14:05:30
It’s unfortunately so, Skip, that there is no big room for alternative pics on the site. The rate systems is the least of my cares, but putting a pic on the site and for example in less than one hour seeing that it is rated at -9 is in fact not worth doing it. Never happens to me but in theory it’s possible. It depends among other things on the time of posting it, the voting power of the visitors and so on .I have a voting power 2 (you cann’t see it on my page), for me 1 point was enough . Who pay = 3 voting power. In short: no blablabla around because we cann’t change it, but it’s, as you say, a pity. Sorry for writing quickly but I’m still doing other work (automatically pilot). Linguistics mistakes are for account of Patito. Greetings
2009-02-17 13:41:50
PS: something that springs to mind: the artistic world or some people are not the only one who makes differences between well or not so. They have no monopoly. Quickly giving one example: science and pseudo-science, and there is a value scale. That some snobs find that art is more worth in value than not art is for their own account and not for the art world in generally. It’s not because there is one or x bad apple(s) that all the rest is also bad. It’s a little more nuanced. Here I stop definite. To you now
2009-02-17 13:40:28
Just to change the subject a little bit, I would love to see more art here, or abstract or fractals or whatever, but it seems like the down voters jump on them when they are posted, there has been a few exceptions(I even had a few that worked out, but where does it say in the rules that you can only post photographs? We all need some variety sometimes.
2009-02-17 13:31:35
I love Kincade. I get a peaceful, at ease feeling when I see his works. Much like many of the pictures here on this site. Maybe you found out he's a Christian and your liberal instincts kicked in and went to instant dislike. And his works must be garbage because his views don't align with yours? I don't see the same sentiment in your comments on some of the paint-by-numbers pictures posted.
2009-02-17 13:10:54
PS: And concerning snobs; yes there are snobs in the art-world, that’s everywhere and from all times. But it doesn’t mean that when one are making a difference between art and other things that it is forcedly snobisme. It’s more nuanced than that and fortunately without black and white rules. I know that some people need a hold by way of strict rules …
2009-02-17 11:36:49
One more point before I go to bed...every once in a while someone will post a painting here by an American named Tom Kincade..his stuff is sugary, syrupy, maudlin, sentimental kitsch that would puke a buzzard off a gut wagon..turns my stomach to look at's crap..but despite all that I can't bring myself to say it isn't it's own tenth rate, cornball, schlocky way, as much as it pains me to say it, his stuff ? because there are people who have genuine aesthetic experiences when they look at his work..and who the hell am I, or you, to deny the legitimacy of their aesthetic experience? Art is a Big Tent !
2009-02-17 11:20:23
Okay..bottom line..anything created with a certain quality of attention can be art..ANY thing....there is NO boundry or line between art and crafts...they blend and merge into each other imperceptibly...for years art critics argued that photography could not possibly be art..we now know they were totally full of shit...for years art snobs argued that ceramics could not possibly be art..they were full of shit of the easiest ways in the world to make a pluperfect fool of yourself is to argue that this or that thing is not art because of some pre-conceived standards or criteria that you bring to the perception of that point: a thing does not have to be good art or great art or fine art to be art..
2009-02-17 10:20:06
Patito, I have got a view, the rest is for another time but in one word: ok, nice ! But it’s not because a picture is beautiful, creative or original that’s it’s art ! Maybe it’s great professional work, but that’s another qualification. But I guess you do know, isn’t ? And judging art needs sometimes more than only looking at that picture. And yeah “what is art” and “how to judge art” is not immediately in two words to tell and / or to see (although I can give a definition in two words, mainly thanks to my mentor and my own feelings, I prefer therefore to give an introduction because otherwise it stays abstract. Yeah, odd and the like …). It’s sometimes also relative, as everything in life. For keeping it briefly I’ll go to a somewhat extreme side by way of an example: those for many people damned graffitti works can sometimes be art in the real sense (and in other cases only beautiful, decorative or simply vandalism and so on). And now for Mikel Glass, on first thoughts of course, his work proves his great professional knowledge and skills but still for me he is a great craftsman. It’s looks more like illustrations (advanced of course) than as artistic work. But opinions can differs. Note well that in my mother language the word “craftsman” has not the equal meaning as in English (as there are also nuances etc between American English & Europe English) The meaning of the word craftman is in no way inferior to the word artist ! PS 1: some further inspections seems to show now a some more artistic mentality. PS 2: and again still further it changes in what’s looking like “pseudo artistic work”. And here we must be a little more alert because as I say “a simple line can be art, but also a simple line can be show”. PS 3: and a deeper view is finally for later. And now I’m going to upload my pics etc because they begin to burn (ho, great, very important ! well maybe then). I hope I have nothing forgotten but as Winston Churchill said, “the maxim "Nothing but perfection" may be spelled "Paralysis"”, is still valid. Still too long. Sorry Patito, I guess you have another opinion. Now you
2009-02-17 06:43:16
Cohise, Old Buddy...Mikel Glass has a website where you can see dozens of his paintings...go there, look at them, then come back here and tell me that his work is not art...
2009-02-17 06:30:10
Although it isn’t art, as you certainly will know Art Lover, it’s nice “craft-, artisan work” (professional knowledge). But no matter; the works of Maurits Escher or Alphonse Musha are neither artistic work but they are still great. Beautiful (the colors), original (the idea), but above all – by practising in real life – cheaper than flowers at long term of course and much more stylish than plastic flowers. In short: I like it.
2009-02-15 09:53:58
I found this painting amongst the floral section at - I thought it was well painted and humorous. (t-o not every painting has to a classical work.)
2009-02-15 05:39:11
The Dutch should really lay off the mind-altering substances.
2009-02-15 05:13:11
This is kind of interesting..maybe not a great photo or a timeless work of art, but then it's not just another pretty picture either..