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2010-03-16 06:37:49
The Dutch artist Levi van Veluw is known for using the human head as a canvas for his art. In his early works, van Veluw drew on himself with ballpoint pens, decorated his head like a miniature landscape or covered his head in rocks. His newly released 2009 self-portraits are comprised of two series: one using flexible lights and one using hair. ‘light’ features pieces of light generating foil which are photographed in darkness to show the unique blue glow of the foil. The features of van Veluw’s face have disappeared and only the shape remains. In ‘natural transfers’, he takes a different approach, covering his head in hair. The hairs emanate from the top of his head and have been affixed to reveal the full form of his face (quote from a web site). Danif had already posted one of the ‘Landscape’ photos; so, if you are interested in seeing it, you can do a search under the artist’s name.