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Old Comments:

2011-08-30 08:16:32
Well aperture = durango = patito. This is a fuzzy and out of focus and you know it is, you just don't want to admit it. If anybody should doubt that patito is involved here, they only need to look at the up-voting and down-voting of the above comments to convince them otherwise. Patito is now likely to respond by giving this comment a big down-vote and quite likely up-voting the photo itself by another +10 or +20 votes.
2011-08-30 04:03:41
You need glasses; this is not a fuzzy and out of focus photo. Where are you when some post really out of focus pictures, and we get a lot of those on Pixdaus?
2011-08-30 01:49:10
This is a very fuzzy and out of focus photo, Durango, obviously taken from a hand-held camera by somebody leaning out a window on a moving train. It would further seem, Durango, that you are no more than patito, using a different name. Nobody else would presume to upload a photo this out of focus.