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Old Comments:

2011-11-11 19:35:34
Whale sounds cannot be in any way be compared with woodpecker drumming or human heartbeats when the measure is how many times per minute. Whale songs are, though, some of the most beautiful sounds a human being can ever experience…
2011-11-11 18:56:31
So all I need to do is to slow it down for 80%? BDW: what about the whale, how many do I have to speed whale song?
2011-11-11 18:45:50
Human heart beats are more or less constant (although they can be influenced by our feelings and emotions, not to mention illness, fever, etc), but the woodpecker's drumming is merely a means of communication with other woodpeckers. As to the rapidity of the drumming, it can far exceed the drumming of a human heart (in normal conditons): Here, the woodpecker does 22 taps in 0,87 seconds!
2011-11-11 18:03:08
Interesting. So he's a drummer. Now I'm curious how does it sound if adjust the speed of the woodpacker's song on the speed of the human heart beats ...
2011-11-11 17:11:36
Not in the least bit dumb but extremely innovative! The woodpecker knows he's not pecking on wood but on metal: He is using it at a sounding board whereby his drumming is hear for miles around. I have seen and heard this phenomenon many times, with the birds drumming on various man-made materials. "Drumming is a woodpecker's act of rapidly pecking on a resonant object to create a pattern of sound. Depending on the habitat, woodpeckers may choose hollow logs or trees, house siding, utility poles, rain gutters, trash cans or chimneys for drumming. The exact pattern of the drumming will vary in tempo, length and rhythm depending on the woodpecker species, and most species have distinctive drumming sounds. Unlike other songbirds, woodpeckers do not have a distinctive song as part of their avian vocabulary. Instead, drumming is the way the birds communicate, and woodpeckers will drum for two main reasons: Attracting a mate and advertising a territory."