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Old Comments:

2009-09-29 15:18:34
lol...You crack me up Connie, you really do. :)
2009-09-29 15:04:23
Well Jack, I much prefer your version of the photo than jchips8's; the hole looks bigger for one thing ;-)
2009-07-05 13:06:55
Why don't they put some kind of safety fence around the holes?
2009-07-05 12:29:22
I'm pretty sure this is at Crompton Lodges in Bolton, Lancashire, England.
2009-07-05 10:02:25
Wow, this looks like the park near my house in Newton-Le-Willows. Nice pic.
2009-06-23 06:03:34
I dont like the red filter :(
2009-06-23 04:40:54
Well, she's a great photographer.
2009-06-23 04:29:29
Yes, Margaret Clough did this.
2009-06-23 04:21:15
Is this for real? It's a beaut!