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Old Comments:

2008-10-05 18:54:19
that lookes good though..nice country it is
2008-07-19 20:39:57
This is Sick...
2008-06-06 22:28:53
2008-06-06 15:11:54
Ha-ha! Great photoshop idea! I was so impressed and went to Google Earth (25°08′28″N, 55°11′08″E) to check the hotel images. It is a pity, but there is a helicopter landing pad, not a tennis court...
2008-06-03 07:06:35
the only safety protection is a net outside the circle
2008-06-03 04:45:30
It's actually a helicopter landing pad. Someone just 'shopped the tennis court in.
2008-06-03 04:39:59
I can't believe it was built without safety protection up there. It's ridiculous!
2008-06-03 04:27:21
It's actually a man made island that the hotel sits on, so the balls might wash up to shore, but there's only one road down below, and no residents living on it.
2008-06-03 02:22:24 can lose a lot of balls as well. Think of the people down below in the streets, when (tennis) balls start falling from the sky...
2008-06-03 01:38:35
Must take a lot of balls to play tennis up there..( sorry..can't help myself sometimes )