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Old Comments:

2010-05-31 19:21:07
"As far as saying Patito is upvoting his uploads - it's rubbish!" Yeah! It's rubbish! His 20 vote selfpushing doesn't exist! The sudden rise of over 150 pics to the popularsection with 20 votes each never happen! "Who cares if Patito... post using other names". He wants to exploit it for his own ends. He write comments with their names to support himself! He is a liar! You are the greatest naif EVER, connie! Go chase after your brain!
2010-05-29 11:25:37
Patito is a liar - Who cares if Patito or others post using other long as it's not to insult or demean someone. As far as saying Patito is upvoting his uploads - it's rubbish! His uploads don't do that well. Go chase after the real cheats.
2010-05-28 22:28:53
I agree with you 100% Ardycejean !!
2010-05-28 20:19:29
It has been quite nice for a while, but it looks like all of the ugliness is starting up again. Downvoting, nasty comments, accusations, name calling, etcetera. Why can't everybody go back to being nice?
2010-05-28 18:29:21
Not only "Cavradossi", you one-comment-idiot! (ALL cavradossi-pics upvoted with a 20 vote push!) Even you and all the other "Theme-Posters" like "Jimmy Jalapeno", "Simple Simon", "Berry boy", "Mister Peanut", "Cereal Poster" etc. etc., etc. ... Patito is a LIAR!!
2010-05-28 05:46:46
There are some old trolls lurking about who still believe Cavradossi is Patito.
2010-05-28 05:09:27
I voted this one up by the way, but it dropped from 6 to -1 so fast :-|
2010-05-28 04:31:24
Those are some mighty tiny shrimps :-o Looks like the ones I used to feed my turtle with...