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Posted By:Gripweed

Old Comments:

2008-05-24 16:27:58
Any country with a notable beer culture would know what it is. The first thing that comes with beer is dried (smoked, etc.) fish.
2008-05-24 15:32:04
LOL. Start feeding them with chili, then the smell of methane will overpower the stink of lutefisk.
2008-05-24 09:24:23
"I had a racoon family living under my house. I was told to spill lutefisk there and it worked, the racoons are gone. But now I have problem with the Norwegian family living under my house..."
2008-05-23 21:32:11
cool fact about Norway anne
2008-05-23 20:32:29
"Go TO.. ;-)
2008-05-23 20:31:08
Go yo any village in northern Norway, and you'll see rack after rack of fish drying (they don't use clothes pegs, though). If you have your car window open, you always know when the next village is near.
2008-05-23 20:25:54
I have never seen anything like that line of drying fish; in fact, I had, at first, a hard time figuring out what it was. I guess it is more common in cultures where fishing is a meal, not a sport.