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Old Comments:

2010-09-28 11:34:33
I just came on it to say it was my beat me to it...I'm surprised you remember. I posted 11 photos under that name - logged out not planning on returning. When I tried to get back - the system wouldn't allow me, so I took the name Connie. This photo reminds me of when a bunch of us - male & female friends and cousins, got together to party at someone's house...which we often did. Then, some of us decided to go to a beach 1/2 an hour away - it was around midnight - a beautiful warm evening. So, we took off in a three-car convoy ;-) Somehow,a cousin and a friend got out of one of the cars; they were stumbling down one of main streets, holding on to each other and singing on top of their lungs. I still remember laughing so hard, my ribs hurt. We managed to get them back in..each in a different car - bad for each other. We took off before the cops came. I'm sure the drivers were not that sober. I was 17 years old, my boyfriend was 21 with a red convertible - the envy of my peers at our Catholic school with nuns as our teachers. We were young, stupid, invinsible - no harm could come to us. Those were the days - good memories.
2010-09-28 09:01:05
Hey Connie, this is one of your uploads when you were Diane, before you began to post under your present name. Funny pic... ;-)
2010-09-28 03:29:59
Just you and me buddy, out on the town. Very Cute picture. Very dogs dream, am sure.
2008-10-01 00:38:07
I prefer a caption "Buddies singing" or something like that. This is a great picture and I don't look at it as a bad cutout or poor execution. I look at the subject matter and the emotion it invokes.
2008-09-30 00:04:51
This could have been funny if the PS "artist" had worked a bit more on the brightness of the dogs and the feathering in placing them into this scene. Great concept - poor execution.
2008-09-29 15:47:51
a very badly made cutout, nothing more