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Old Comments:

2010-06-20 18:39:48
I'd say somebody's been having too many beEr drops lately, that's what I'd say....
2010-05-26 17:09:28
However since vegemite has been banned in the US and is no longer being shipped to Canada, all of us 'drop bears' may be leaving Oz.
2010-05-26 17:06:53
Drop Bears come up behind Australians, drop down on them and bite off their heads. However many Aussies protect themselves from this eventuality by putting vegemite behind their ears to keep the 'drop bears' away.
2010-05-26 16:03:06
OK, looked that up. That means koala....
2010-05-26 16:00:53
I don't even know what a 'Drop Bear' is, so how is it that you say for people to ask me about it ?
2010-05-26 15:48:54
If you don't know what a 'Drop Bear' is, ask PictureGirl. (Sorry for the premature upload.)