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Posted By:hallgat

Old Comments:

2009-03-09 03:11:16
what is that actually? is it from Dreamfall?
2008-01-14 17:10:54
the future world of warcraft player
2008-01-13 16:55:37
cyberpunk at is finnest ps: Avalon anyone?
2008-01-13 13:53:43
I saw this on deviant art ages and ages ago but cannot seem to find it anymore... anyone know the original link? I would love to see some more work by this artist.
2008-01-13 08:11:56
This picture has been posted flipped on its horizontal axis, It was created by a woman by the name of Erin Cantrell. It also appears to have been slightly cropped as the original image was a 16:9 aspect ratio. Still a great image.