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Posted By:willya

Old Comments:

2008-06-20 23:10:05
i already admitted i was being hypocritical. but jeez, it's just jarring to have to see that. not like women's asses, which are gracefully beautiful for men and women both. no?
2008-06-20 05:54:49
Good for you, Willya! Keep them coming!
2008-06-20 05:46:41
2008-06-20 05:06:07
...what's wrong with men's asses? They are as beautiful as ladies' asses (well, for me, MORE beautiful than ladies' asses).
2008-06-20 04:51:15
please refrain from posting pictures of men's asses. thanks.
2008-06-19 05:52:45
it is beautiful.
2008-06-19 02:13:41
awesome tattoo!