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Old Comments:

2010-01-20 05:34:40
Even if we include attributions to the photographers just about every photo here is copyrighted somehow - I think with that warning Pixdaus has at the top and bottom of every page it pretty effectively will kill their own site
2010-01-20 05:04:28
Hello everyone: Resume posting, but please give the photographer's name and a link to the photosite where the pic came from. Pixdaus is about pics, so let's get the show on the road again...
2010-01-20 01:18:08
What Witchgirl said makes perfect sense. And it´s not just about pictures. If copyright was that extreme, no one would ever be able to use a quote, a saying, words from a song, from a poem or a movie in their school work, at their jobs, in their personal lives without getting sued. You yourself reading this comment have used them already as well as I so many times. As long as you do not make profit with them, or take them as your own creation, there shouldn´t be a problem. So this is not an issue only about pictures and definitely not only about Pixdaus. Plus like Skip said: the photographers have endless ways to block their pictures from being downloaded or even saved. They´re too naive if they think that everyone in the world will respect a written message saying not to copy them. Maybe 5% will respect it, I think not even that much. So even if we here at Pixdaus don´t share them, there will be other thousand people doing that.
2010-01-19 23:49:49
Nop, You just making your point. And legal action? Joke! If they can do something why they didn't do anything so far? Unless Pixdaus will provide some information of users identity? Hmh! Too many questions... I'll just wait for now, maybe I find some decent photo without copyright mark.
2010-01-19 23:41:58
Also: the threat to 'permanently ban' users from the site seems kinda hollow...the admin can't even keep trolls like Explode from coming here every morning and regurgitating their inane and asinine how are they going to ban anyone else? Oops.. hope I didn't make a comment that might be construed as offensive... : )
2010-01-19 23:05:26
Only good think about that stupid notice is that we no longer accusing one another. I can't remember when we have 20 comments without any offending comment. I will wait with posting until we came with some common conclusion.
2010-01-19 22:45:40
I have a suggestion peasant, we can post pics of old movie stars and historical pics, like Myke Salmon said the copyrights only last for so long, or like patito said we can post pics of our family vacation! haha, I know, I'll post pics of my dog! ;)
2010-01-19 22:33:11
You are very welcome, peasant. Perhaps this link will help also. Not too sure what posters can and will do now. But I will be sticking to what I believe in and that is doing the right thing by others and asking the photographers for their permission to post their photos. Thankyou everyone for reading my comments about this. I appreciate that very much. Hope you are all having a wonderful day... :)
2010-01-19 22:26:23
Thank you for that link. But a question that confuse as all still stands. What shall we do now? Any suggestions?
2010-01-19 22:13:26
Thankyou for that, skip. I just know that it doesn't sit right with me to post something which doesn't belong to me and that it is the only kind thing to do to ask photographers for permission to post their works. I have to be guided by my conscience and it says to do the right thing by others, regardless of anything or anyone else.
2010-01-19 22:05:16
Maybe this link might shed some light on your question, peasant. Hope it will help... :)
2010-01-19 22:03:15
The new rule about copyright is probably no more than the admin and/or owners covering their butts...let's hope so, because if enforced to the letter it would be/will be the end of Pixdaus..none of us are going to chase down each and every photographer and ask for permission to post their photos..we'll wind up with old public-domain stuff and amateurish what-I-did-on-my-vacation shots...
2010-01-19 21:56:24
I agree with you PictureGirl that they have the right to do as they please with their pictures, but the thing I'm trying to point out is,, that what they please to do is leave their pictures open to being downloaded by everyone all over the world, and then some photographers have come here and complained about their pics being here, when they are also on many other sites around the world, and there are also many photographers who never complain about their pictures being here, I had two train photographers come on the pics and say thanks to everyone for enjoying their pics, and I had another photographer recently on my page say I'm glad you enjoyed the picture of my dog. I'm sure that many famous photographers are aware that their pictures have been here, but I've never seen them complain about it, and I've read comments by some photographers here, where they said, as long as you give me credit I don't have a problem with my picture being here. Also when I am searching for pics to post I come apon just as many, if not more, pictures that are blocked (unable to be downloaded) so I know they have the option to do that, we cannot speak for all the photographers or know their intentions, but I think if I did not want my pictures to travel around everywhere I would block them, and I agree with what WitchGirl said, the Copyright, is to keep people from falsely claimming the work to be their own, or making a profit from it, we are NOT doing that, so in my opinion we are NOT stealing. Someone once said on here it was no different then looking at a picture in a magazine and then sharing it with your friends, that's what we do we share pictures with each other here, I understand they may not want their pics on this particular site but then they need to block them. because for every photographer who complains about their pics being posted here there may be others who would appreciate it. I even read a comment under each pic by one photographer who's pics I have posted that said you may post my pictures wherever you like as long as you include (C) and my name, which I did, I will have to look up the name but it's in my file. I have thought for a long time that everyone here should include the photographers name out of respect to them, which I have been doing , but pixdaus did not make that an absolute rule, so many people were not including their names and recently I saw where people like connie, were also including the site where they got got the picture, which I think is even better, So many people have tried to do the right thing, but we also need some help and direction from the administration here, and it just seems to farfetched to think people will be sending emails and waiting around for a reply every single time they post a picture.
2010-01-19 21:35:08
Sorry, that should be God, not god...
2010-01-19 21:32:41
I often think about that side of things too, peasant. I mean, the photographers take pictures of the things that god created eg, lakes, flowers, sky, moon, sea, etc. And then I think that they are actually taking pictures of scenes that belong to everyone else. But then God made these things for us, for our enjoyment of them. You know, you pose a very good question peasant, and to tell you the truth, I really don't know what the answer is to that. Maybe someone knows much better than I do about it. I just know that it is wrong not to ask permission to post someone else's photo. It is THEIR work, not ours. Thanks so much for the question, peasant. I'm sorry that I do not know how to answer that properly for you... :(
2010-01-19 21:22:28
Yes! For example: Did any of them ask permission to take a picture of Eiffel tower? Did they pay for that? Did they make that tower?
2010-01-19 21:12:02
Are you saying then, who gave the photographer permission to take a photo of the subject matter they are taking ? Is that what you mean ?
2010-01-19 20:50:39
That will make sense if photographers pay to a land owner for picture of landscape! Who are those people to take a free pictures without any payment? What about that? Who gave them any kind of permission???
2010-01-19 20:38:35
I realise all of that, skip. I felt and thought before as you do now. But then I sat back and really thought very deeply about this. It's all well and good to say that we are not doing anything wrong or doing any harm to anyone, but when you think about it, we are not asking permission from the photographers to use THEIR work. It belongs to THEM and THEY are the ones who have the RIGHT to do with their pictures what they please. That role isn't ours to decide on, it's THEIRS. So it's only the right thing to do, to ask them FIRST if we can borrow their work. They may not want their photos on here. We need to put ourselves in their place. Say we put our own photos here, or for that matter, anywhere on the internet. What if someone took that photo and did not ask you if it was ok to use your work elsewhere ? How would you truly feel about that ? When you look at it properly, the black and white of the matter is... we are stealing THEIR work and not considering their feelings about it..... end of story.It's not about us. It's about THEM. I know that we are not trying to do anything wrong. I know that people mean no harm with posting pictures that belong to others. We are not making profit or wanting to do anything bad with the photos. But in conclusion, the work is THEIRS. That's all there is to it. As far as the photographers coming on here and discussing this with us, I believe that we already know how they feel about that, because they come on here and comment about it and say to take their photo off this site. Anyway, that's how I feel about it. If we do the right thing and ask the photographers if we can post their work here, we will never go wrong. No blame can be shown towards us, because we took the time to do the right thing by them. That is the most important point of all...
2010-01-19 17:16:05
I understand your feelings PictureGirl, and I have felt uncomfortable at times about posting other people's pictures too, but then I started thinking that we are not making any profit whatsoever from their pictures, and it is, possible for them to block their pictures from being downloaded, so if you put a picture in a place like the internet, you must know it can wind up anywhere and everywhere, if I was to give you my address and phone number right now, and then say I'm just giving it to PictureGirl, so I don't want anyone else to take it, I'd have to be pretty naive to think that other people might not take it also, just an example, but I really don't understand what harm we are doing by sharing pictures here with each other, when these pics are available to everyone who uses the internet. Also I thought the copywrite was to protect people from having someone else either claim to be the author of the work, or make a profit from it, and both are things we are not doing here, as long as we give the photographers name and website,,,that's just my opinions, I would like just once, for some photographer to come on here and discuss this with us, not with namecalling or accusations just a discussion, just like Baloch said this place means something to us, we enjoy it, and we enjoy the pictures, we are not trying to do anything wrong.
2010-01-19 16:50:09
when i read the important warning its so heart me,bcuz pixdaus is a peace of my life,i cant leave it or i cant forget it,we should do something
2010-01-19 16:50:03
If that is the case, then why do the photographers who do not wish for their photos to be on here come on the site requesting that their pics be removed ?
2010-01-19 16:46:20
excellent suggestion baloch1,
2010-01-19 16:17:53
if we post the photographer name with pic,i think then it is not illigal
2010-01-19 11:11:57
I'm just wondering if this is supposed to be the new and improved Pixdaus, that a warning about copying pictures comes at the start of the page and the site just continues to keep on going the same old way. How is Pixdaus going to police whether pics belong to other people ? How is Pixdaus going to make sure that people ask the photographer FIRST if they can have permission to post their pic and then post ONLY after that happens ? It just doesn't make sense to me. No-one is going to take any notice of warnings. Warnings don't move people anymore these days to use their discretion and conscience to do the right thing by others. This is why I decided to stop posting, because this really makes me uncomfortable to post other people's pics. If I do decide to start posting again, it will only be with the express permission of the photographers....
2010-01-19 10:23:06
I totally agree that Pixdaus owes us some clarification Skip, after all, we´re its loyal users...but I know some people won´t care about the warning. Anyways, let´s wait and see I guess.
2010-01-19 10:00:10
I'm uncomfortable with it too, after reading that warning jujuba, but I have wrote to pixdaus suggesting that they make it a rule for everyone to include the photographers name and website, but I haven't got a reply. I thought that would please the photographers knowing that everyone would give them credit and a link to their site, because that should bring them more attention, but now it looks like Pixdaus is saying that if we post pics we have to stop and write letters each time, I don't think that sounds logical at all. So for now I'm not going to post and maybe you shouldn't either, it would be really nice if someone from pixdaus would talk with us about this.
2010-01-19 09:53:59
And bless Marthin Luther King by the way :-)
2010-01-19 09:52:05
Thank goodness you spoke up first Skip. I was about to post some pictures now but was uncomfortable to do it after I saw that warning on top of the page and didn´t want to comment on it. So it´s ok to post them as long as you give the photographer´s name and/or the site they come from? What about when you get the pics from blogs and have no information on it? How will they check if you´ve asked for permission? And why did Pixdaus take this measure now? I find this all so weird ...
2010-01-19 09:30:51
Copyright only has a limited time period
2010-01-19 09:30:12
Maybe the person who took this picture is dead now, or unknown, but anyway who are you EarthCounscious? do you work here? or post pics here? Does it really seem logical for every person who posts pics here to write emails asking for permission every time they post a picture? and then to wait days, weeks, or months for a reply? Wouldn't it make more sense to just insist that everyone who posts here, include the photographers name, and website? If the photographer does not wish for their pictures to be seen everywhere and anywhere on the internet all they need to do is block them from being downloaded, and since they often, do not block them, they must know that millions of people will be downloading them all over the world and as long as people here, would give them credit and a link back to their site, it seems like it would be a benifit to them to have their pictures seen here.
2010-01-19 09:29:39
Dr King was a Public figure respected by many people (all around our planet) - He taught Peace and Tolerance in the face of adversity like the one He followed (Jesus Christ)... "I have a dream"
2010-01-19 09:05:13
Important! Please do not upload copyrighted images. You run the risk of being banned permanently from Pixdaus and photographers taking legal action against you. If you wish to upload an image whose copyrights do not belong to you, it is vital you contact the photographer first. Should the photographer not grant you permission, you are forbidden to post the image(s) to the site.