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Old Comments:

2010-08-14 06:16:39
connie, you are such a big naif. I am speechless! the only one who upvote his pics with 20 votes is patito. you said, it can "only be achieved with Pixdaus' help". well, patito told usbefore that he is "sort of admin" here because he has "friends in high places"!!! you said "Patito is fairly honourable". muahahahaha! you said "more tiresome are the trolls making comments under various names". right! don't you get it? PATITO IS A TROLL!!!! I can give you 50 names under which patito wrote his comments and upload his spam pics! I'm not only think you are a naif, connie. after your comment above I really believe you are imbecile.
2010-08-14 04:46:39
I'm not defending Patito; he can defend himself. I've observed Patito's for two years now, and I doubt that he can vote multiple times or delete comments. I doubt anyone can do that...unless they have a lot of friends helping on their own computers. Deleting commenting and multiple votes can only be achieved with Pixdaus' help, and I don't know what their parameters are. I suspect Patito is fairly honourable, aside from his 'potty mouth' comments, bad temper and demeaning insults to me and others. What is more tiresome are the trolls making comments under various names because they don't have the guts to use their usernames.
2010-08-13 18:43:15
That's Patito! Yesterday he and EXPLODE have a battlle with pictures and comments. And then these pictures appeared. And the +20 upvoting. That's Patito. You are getting tiresome still defending him, Connie!
2010-08-13 17:13:31
Maybe Connie, But they sure have perfected the Patito +100 vote push and that is not an easy task. For my money on a wager, I would say Patito. But, it IS getting tiresome.
2010-08-13 15:45:52
That's not's someone trying to make it look like Patito...and it's getting tiresome.
2010-08-13 15:34:09
There is definitely something not right here! This photo was posted twice today. The first posting was quickly voted down to -14 and then it was posted again and suddenly has a +100. Something like this has Patito written all over it. But, somehow these Tusgegee photos don't fit in with the other Patito stuff. Makes you wonder, however. Nothing against Martin Luther King, but something is not right with the voting here.
2010-08-13 14:58:32