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Old Comments:

2009-01-13 12:45:49
Well, I wish you would, there are always some people who appreciate it. If you look at the most popular ever section, they actually have some art work that made it through, and even if it's voted down it dosen't mean much here, there are many reasons for that.
2009-01-13 12:21:49
Other family members have all her paintings, and I dare not post any of my own paintings from my gallery!
2009-01-13 12:18:18
That's talent, I hope you still have her pictures, I love photography, but I'm really in awe of people who can paint. I wish they would be more open to art work here, usually it gets downvoted I think.
2009-01-13 12:11:19
I agree Skip. Its a beautiful specimen of a tiger. Reminds me that my mother used to paint lots of big cat pictures.
2009-01-13 12:08:33
Popolov, when your right your right! but he's a beautiful cat.
2009-01-13 12:04:47
The watering hole made by man, enclosed by high security wire to prevent the 'imprisoned' wild cat from escaping, and allow mindless humans to gape at the prisoner.