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Old Comments:

2011-07-13 22:25:37
its beautiful birds
2011-06-26 14:25:25
wow what a beautiful picture
2008-03-16 13:57:16
I wonder..... haven't noticed. Let me check carefully..
2008-03-16 04:27:47
You're right, look at the dislodged bark by the bird's left foot, they're identical.
2008-03-16 03:59:17
It's a good image . b ut Im still holding to my statement thats its the same bird , image taken at different time's , COMPAIR THE FEATHERS)
2008-03-15 22:48:20
Same Eagle people. good work..just the same. Two many simularities. look for yourself
2008-03-15 12:31:28
very nice shot !!
2008-03-15 12:29:36
Oh! How beautiful!!! :D