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Old Comments:

2008-08-06 10:02:03
You just haven't seen enough rainbows, mujube. I've seen rainbows (and pics of rainbows) that appear to touch the ground. The only thing I can guess you mean is that one can't actually get to the same place as the rainbow 'starts' or 'ends' because a rainbow is made of refracted light, therefore you will always see the rainbow appearing some distance away from you, never right where you are.
2008-08-06 09:16:06
it is fake because a rainbow does not touch ground. In fact a rainbow is kind of a circle in the sky , but we can only see half of it. Great picture , good manipulation ;)
2008-04-09 12:12:37
Where is this?
2008-01-12 16:01:13
Is it real? It does seem manupaleted.
2008-01-12 10:48:58 easy, so restful