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Old Comments:

2010-04-30 15:08:47
GOAT or whatever I did not recognize that photo as a repost. I don't go around checking each photo for just 'in case'. Even if I had recognized the photo, I would not have said anything, because I had decided to no longer say when a photo is a re-post, unless I get really ticked off by a super serial reposter. My annoyance was with the serial re-posters - and PictureGirl is most certainly not one of them.
2010-04-30 12:54:28
And don't forget Jhonnywalk too, thegoat. Sorry, I did not do a search before I uploaded this photo. My mistake, my apologies... :(
2010-04-30 12:40:27
connie is sleeping or pretending too because double bow posted by skip and perugina
2010-04-30 12:25:28
That must of been very beautiful, Coy. We've had a few of these double rainbows here at times too. They never last long though, which is a shame... :(
2010-04-29 23:44:37
Mary, we had a double rainbow here four days ago. It was beautiful also. Only I was observing it from the left-side instead of the right-side.