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Old Comments:

2011-11-26 14:46:48
Hi Thierry: You just may be wrong about the photoshop but right about the species (although Attila Siklósi already pipped you on that over a year ago). Pls see jan_vandorpe with tags “yemen, var, socotranum, socotra, obesum, Apocynaceae, Adenium obesum" @ Original @
2011-11-26 06:59:38
This is not a good photo because: - This is an Adenium socotranum, not a Dorstenia gigas. - The photo is not the original, it is modified in excess with photoshop or other photo application, many flowers are pasted on the top of the branches.
2010-10-23 21:13:12
Nice picture. But it is not Dorstenia gigas, it is Adenium obesum socotranum. (Bootle tree or desert rose.)