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Old Comments:

2009-09-01 02:27:43
Grumpiness on a cat's face from a pushy dog friend I have never seen. Beautiful and funny!
2008-12-24 05:04:31
yes we need to get Gripweed back!
2008-12-24 04:56:56
Downvoting and cheating are pretty much the same thing, the approval (or disapproval) of others. So what if others cheat to boost their votes? My sentiment still stands, that the only opinion of one's posted images that matters is that of the person who posted the image. If you like the image then you like the image. Who cares if someone downvotes your image or if they cheat to boost the vote count of their own images? Do you dislike the picture you posted if it gets negative votes? Do you dislike the picture you posted if someone else cheats and their posted picture gets more votes than yours? As for idiots, what does it matter what idiots say? Do you suddenly dislike your posted images if idiots make rude comments about it? I was at least under the impression that the main reason for posting pictures here was to share your images or images you like with other people. As for too much porn, while I have seen a fair amount of nudity and some highly provocative and even extremely erotic images here I have only ever seen one image that was purely pornographic in nature. Of course, I don't have access to the banned sections so there might indeed be more. It seems to me that the primary reason Gripweed is leaving is because of the opinions of other people. To me that seems like a pretty weak reason to leave.
2008-12-23 05:14:15
Gripweed mentions FOUR reasons for leaving, why are you concentrating on only one of those reasons, Mock26, namely downvoting? // I can only speak for myself as a poster, but it is NOT the approval of strangers that matters on a personal level, meaning that you can downvote me to hell and gone for my opinions here in the comment section if you don't agree with me and I won't care a rat's rear end about that but when the pictures I post are downvoted by cheaters just because they are ambitious to get ahead - or because they do not like the person who posted the pictures - then I DO mind, not for myself, however, but for the photographers whose art I post; they do not deserve that kind of treatment! Don't you see that there's a difference? // I believe that is also very much what Gripweed means when he is talking about the downvoters!
2008-12-23 04:34:15
Gripweed. I’ll miss you. For the quality of your pics, your captions and your comments. And even when sometimes I didn’t agree completely with certain of your comments (without showing it), I had admiration for the straightforward way you defended your opinion against the wind. And I agree with Mock26 (dec22, 19:38), but I also can understand your motivation. In conclusion: You are the King of the Humor here. There is just one downside: You are too good for Pixdaus. But that may not be an obstacle for returning. We are already missing you...
2008-12-23 04:08:44
...have you been writing to Pixdaus admin on the matter? I have, repeatedly. If more people were to do it, that would put more pressure on them, and perhaps then they would be compelled to act. We have no means of accomplishing anything at the concrete level here just by discussing the matter. What do you suggest?
2008-12-23 03:38:22
Bye. I won't try to change your mind, but do the votes really matter to you? Isn't your own personal opinion of the images you post the only opinion that matters? Why do you need the approval of strangers? If you like your images then that is what matters. The opinions of the rest, both fan and foe alike, don't matter.
2008-12-23 03:01:01
The problem with the pixdaus admin's position is that even in democracies there are certain restrictions on voting..children, for example, can't vote..usually there are ways to insure that each voter only casts one ballot..and in most democracies there are ways of keeping drooling, blithering fools, the certifiably insane, and the village idiots from's unfortunate that those simple restrictions can't be applied here.....
2008-12-22 23:17:18
Well, folks, Gripweed has just left the building! Is it not the time for those of us who do not like the cheaters or downvoters or porn artists to band together and do something about it? Suggestions, please! // Pixdaus admin's stance is that this is "democracy online - only users themselves can organize to stop downvoting by helping each other to upvote each other." So LET'S DO SOMETHING!
2008-12-22 22:54:52
Gripweed You can't leave- You have been posting some very good pictures lately! I even went into your file and upvoted many of them.
2008-12-22 21:49:33
Come on, and a small handfull of others post the few photos worth pausing to look at..please don't let the self-promoters and the postcard posters take over this Ms P said, they have lowered the standards of quality here enormously with their boring,reptetive, schmaltzy crap, but they'll eventually get bored with their little ego games and move may not be aware of how much we enjoy your photos and how much we would miss you if you left us..
2008-12-22 17:00:10
WHAT? Are you leaving, Gripweed? That's a real shame. I have very much enjoyed your pics; you brought many giggles and tons of light relief... Yes, the posters you mention above have lowered the standard of Pixdaus tremendously, but don't give up! Have a good Christmas, think things over, and return with renewed strength. // That is exactly what the cheaters and downvoters want, they want to drive the rest of us out.
2008-12-22 16:44:22
Bye! Too much idiots around (artmani + friends), too much cheaters (Artemis + farhad), too much porn (mirco.rossi + ademir and friends) and too much downvoters!! Merry Christmas to the rest.