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Old Comments:

2010-09-01 15:33:42
Iran had recently sentenced a woman to death by stoning because she was supposedly unfaithful to her husband. The husband just needs a couple of witnesses (meaning relatives, friends) to say they saw her and she's guilty. I just read today that the French President's wife signed a letter of protest along with others. Iran says that's because she's a whore. That should cool relations between the two countries. I have some friends and know others who are Iranian. They find that bizarre. They say that the great majority of Iranians find that bizarre; they are good people and most are very educated. But, they are at the mercy of their government and the Imans.
2010-09-01 11:47:19
Can a person get a beer at lunch and a glass of wine at dinner in Iran ? And are you still engaging in the public hanging of homosexuals ?
2010-09-01 11:37:47
we suggest you visit Iran,there are a lot of such places in Other cities
2008-05-12 20:02:12
Considering how much media attention has been spent on threatening Iran recently, it's really amazing how little is known about it in the US. A fascinating place with a rich history and endowed with extremely friendly people. I highly recommend a visit.
2008-05-12 16:57:05
Such a wet place in an arid country. Maybe close to the Caspian Sea ?
2008-05-12 14:16:32
2008-05-11 23:33:53
That is "Ghal`ee Roodkhan" Not Dokhan !
2008-05-11 22:19:35
That is awesome!!
2008-05-11 21:38:07
2008-05-11 21:20:50
Iran is full of historical sites like this.