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Old Comments:

2011-11-21 21:14:46
Yes, I'm very satisfied - every so kind and generous! A monthly donation of $5 is greatly appreciated. Ziggy Freud
2011-11-21 12:22:38
You are very welcome, K9 Poster. I'm very sorry that you had to be hospitalized for your allergy to cats. I'm glad that I don't have an allergic response to cats because I say the more cats around me, the better (for me, that is). If you ever try to rid your allergy with nose sprays, be careful and don't use them for more than 5 days at a time. They are very dangerous for the inside of the nose. I'm glad that you are not allergic to dogs and can own and take care of them. Take care, K9 Poster... :)
2011-11-21 10:17:45
Thanks for the analysis, dog and cat, you have taught me a lot about myself. As for your 5 cents, I have no way at the present of sending this to you. So I have taken the liberty of donating to Breast Cancer Research on your behalf, putting $5 in the collection box. Hopefully, this will meet with your satisfaction.
2011-11-21 10:13:47
Thank you PictureGirl, I have heard this before and you may well be right. However, I am very unwilling to chance it. While my allergy is not too bad now as I am apparently outgrowing it, however it was very severe when I was younger. I even had to be hospitalized once as a child. My mother had this same allergy, but not as severely as me, and she eventually outgrew it entirely. However, I am very fond of dogs and see no reason to bring cats into the picture.
2011-11-20 09:51:12
K9 Poster, did you know that you can own hairless cats, like a sphynx cat or a cat with very short hair like a cornish or devon rex ? :)
2011-11-20 09:04:04
You failed the observant test maybe because you were psychologically in denial, you didn't want to admit there was a cat in your picture, that might have forced you to deny yourself the joy of downloading this pic. That will be 5 cents please, I don't come cheap. Ziggy Freud
2011-11-20 08:39:03
You are right, dog and cat, I did completely miss the cat on the top shelf. Looking at the photo now, this is hard to believe. Thanks for pointing it out. My interest is dogs, and not cats, and when I peruse photos I never look for cats at all. While I am very fond of dogs, I don't like cats very well at all. This is probably because I am extremely allergic to them and must keep my distance from live cats at all time.
2011-11-19 10:18:06
are you on LSD? you missed the cat on the shelf