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Old Comments:

2009-02-19 21:02:46
That's an old folk tale, SL, or what is today called an urban legend, and though it might well be true in some cases it isn't universally true and certainly isn't true here in the 'States....por ejemplo, the equestrian statue of General Sam Houston in Hermann Park, in the city which bears the General's name..his horse has one foot in the air, but old Sam's last battle was at San Jacinto in 1836 and he lived until 1863 and died of what was probably a bad case of the flu.
2009-02-19 19:11:31
Statue in the park with a soldier on horseback, and with two legs in the air means the soldier died in combat. If a horse has only one leg in the air, died from injuries in the fight. If a horse has all four legs on the floor, a soldier died of natural reasons. Today is the first day that I hear it!