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Old Comments:

2011-10-15 04:00:44
I said she was eight years old, but that is simply a guess and an approximation based on here appearance. I have no knowledge of her actual age, nor do I think that it is important.
2011-10-15 03:57:18
Ardycejean and K9 are the same person. That has never been a secret as I have always readily admitted to it. Ardyce Jean is my real name and I originally started uploading and commenting here under that name until I changed and started using K9 Poster. I have often been accused of being an alias name for many many others including: Feline Poster, Connie, Connie2, Aline, Poppy, Big Bird, Danis, Ademiramano, Happy Jack, White Eagle, SMS, Fancy Pants, MalikImran, Rainstorm Dragon, and many others. While I have used both ardyceJean and K9 Poster, in the past, none of the others are true. Happy Jack is the user name that has been used by my husband. Now, how about you, no bull, just what is your better known poster name.
2011-10-15 03:26:16
ardycejean says "you don't give manicures to eight year old year"! But, it's fine to put makeup on them? Like Manicure Minnie said - a manicure is simply cleaning and trimming nails. That's a basic thing to do, but putting makeup on a child is not.
2011-10-14 20:50:39
The word maincure simply means to clean and trim the finger nails, and it doesn't necessarily mean the whole works as in a salon. If your mother cleaned and trimed your nails she gave you a manicure. This girl's mother ( or aunt or grandmother or older sister or somebody ) needs to do that for her.
2011-10-14 20:05:26
You did not answer cool heads' question. Who says she is 8 years old? Maybe because ardycejean is K9 Poster so would have seen on picture site that information
2011-10-14 08:53:07
Didn't someone say a while back that ardycejean and K9 were the same person?
2011-10-14 08:49:39
You're over reacting ardycejean. I think that BS (no pun intended :) meant that the girl's nails are dirty (thumb) and the next one is jagged. Since she or someone went through the effort to put makeup on such a young person, they could have finished off the look with better nails. Who says she is 8 yrs old?
2011-10-14 08:06:01
What is your point, Barbara? You don't give manicures to eight year old girls to start with and this girls hand looks fine to me. For some reason you are seemingly super critical and I have to question your motivation. Using your first time only, troll name that was cutsy derived also makes me suspicious.
2011-10-14 01:01:24
This girl really needs a manicure.