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Old Comments:

2009-03-14 09:33:54
Again with the cursing! I like how he campaigned on NO earmarks. But just signed a bill with over 8500 earmarks in it. And when questioned on why he failed to keep his promise he said these earmarks were "Old" business from last year. Wait! Didn't the people not like what was going on with the last administration? And Mr. Hope & Change said it would NOT be business as usual? Well he lied about that one. Did we ever figure out who it is that's putting the words into the teleprompter for our new President? You know "The Puppet Master". The stupid Republicans over spent helping to cause this here recession. So what do the Democrats do when they come into power? Why they spend THREE TIMES as much. Why is Obama in such a hurry to crash the American way of life? Speaking of bumbling idiots how about that red button from Hillary that was mistranslated. And Joe Biden. All he has to do is open his mouth and he screws up. Last but not least we have Obama himself, well follow the link in my first post.
2009-03-14 09:16:42
When you hear or read Republicans criticizing Obvama, just remember that those are the people who promoted, voted for, and supported George Bush and his administration, the most incompetent crew of bumbling idiots, assholes and bozos in American history.